Shrimp Chicken Noodle Soup – SGWAK

Shrimp Chicken Noodle Soup - SGWAK

This shrimp chicken noodle soup just might be the best soup I have ever made. Which, as any good soup is, all starts with the stock.

This was a chicken stock I made earlier this year. It was a while back so I could be off on what exactly went into it but I’ll try my best. This should have roasted chicken bones, yellow onion, celery, garlic, ginger, star anise and a little bit of salt. Because it was such a large pot of soup it was topped off with a bit of stock that was made just a couple weeks ago using roughly the same recipe. But without roasting the chicken and no star anise or ginger. Both stocks simmered for 6-8 hours so I would drink a mug of either just on their own.

The rest of the recipe for this soup is pretty simple. I just sauteed some onion, mushrooms, garlic, carrots and celery before throwing them into the stock. Then diced jalapeno was put directly into the pot. While that simmered I let the shrimp brine with salt and red pepper flake before shelling. 

Once the soup was ready the egg noodles were put right into the soup. Once the noodles were just about done the  shrimp was added in just before serving. By the time I grabbed a bowl and ladle they were cooked through perfectly.

I’m sad this large pot of soup didn’t last longer. Luckily I have plenty more stock in the freezer for the next one.

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